Everything To Know About Building a Pool

With summer fast approaching, many families ponder over a very common question: Can we add a pool to our home? Well, this answer might not be as complicated as previously thought. There are a number of ways in which to either build a pool, or bring one that’s already manufactured.

This piece will dive into the process behind financing a pool. Duly, it’ll also offer potential consumers a number of alternatives for those who are either strapped for cash, or even tangible space. You may be surprised to find the potential options made available as it pertains to getting a pool.

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Initially, the process of potentially installing a pool will take some time. One needs to overturn all stones when it comes to finding a highly-rated company to begin the construction. The word of mouth will help, as it would make sense to ask friends/family members about their pool experiences. Duly, online research should provide interested parties with a number of reviews on the pool companies in question. Gathering as much information as possible will help the consumer make a knowledgeable decision.

Along with that comes the price point. One should gather quotes from a number of pool companies in order to compare. This will let the consumer know which companies are offering cost-effective rates, and ones which are somewhat expensive in nature.


The cost of a potential pool will correspond with the space available in one’s backyard. Fortunately, these companies can get rather creative with space. Pools don’t have to resemble the jelly bean/bowl shape that many are accustomed to. Long, narrow pools can be fitted if desired. On average, many estimate an in-ground pool to cost roughly $35,000. These numbers may spike either direction based upon how ornate and intricate the consumer wants their pool to be.

For example, the bells and whistles of a pool with a slide, salt water, specialized mosaic tiling, and expensive rock formations will surely cost more than a pool with more of a basic feel. Also, one must account for potential repairs and maintenance. Those numbers could range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 (depending on the size of the pool).

Above-Ground Pools On a Budget

For those on a budget, procuring an above-ground pool may be the move for you. Above-ground pools come in all shapes and sizes, and can be had for as low as $2,000. Many companies are now producing these pools at high rates due to their popularity and functionality. They easily can be transported, and placed in an open space (whether in a backyard or in a front yard).


Having a pool is certainly a luxury. However, one doesn’t have to break the proverbial bank in order to have one. By doing the research and looking at all options, a family can easily find the best pool for themselves.

Image Source: Monarch Pools