What Kind Of Contact Lenses Should I Buy?

Contact lenses are a necessity for those with poor eyesight who want something less bulky than glasses and less invasive than Lasik. With so many options, however, knowing which contact lenses to buy can be confusing. Eyes are delicate, and vision problems can be complicated. While most people don’t want to purchase the cheapest contact lenses available (as quality is a major concern), they do want contact lenses that are affordable, comfortable and effective.

Thanks to major technical advances in recent years, contact lenses have become healthier, more comfortable and more convenient. Still, there are major differences between the top brands and types of contact lenses. Acuvue Oasys, for example, has a niche market in addressing the classic problem of dry eyes for contact users. Acuvue Bifocal lenses are known for helping those with presbyopia (age-related condition similar to farsightedness), and Air Optix Aqua is said to increase both moisture and air flow, compared to more traditional soft contacts. The contacts you buy should address your individual needs, so evaluating your own eye issues and concerns is a great place to start.